Conditions treated

• Back pain
• Neck pain
• Headaches, Migraines
• Shoulder pain, Frozen shoulder syndrome
• Tennis or Golfer’s elbow
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Tendonitis, Bursitis,
Joint Pain
• Hip, Knee pain, Foot pain
• Jaw pain, TMJ problems
• Recurrent ear infections, Ear ringing
• Sprain and strain, Sport injuries
Mechanically caused Gastro-Intestinal Problems
• Infant issues ( Recurrent ear infections, Colic, Birth trauma)


Osteopathy is a very gentle and non-invasive treatment that helps the body to heal itself. It uses precise manual skills to discover and remove areas of tension or constriction within your body. Once the ‘block,’ cause of the problem, has been removed the body can start to heal itself and the pain and discomfort disappear. This can be done using various, very precise osteopathic techniques that rely on the anatomical relations of the muscles, ligaments, fascias and bones within your body.

Osteopathic therapy respects the responses from the body during treatment. Therefore, it is very safe and gentle. During an osteopathic treatment nothing is ever forced, moved or stretched beyond comfort level.

Why Osteopathy?

• Osteopathy searches for and treats the cause of pain and dysfunction of the system. This is different to many other forms of therapy that focus only on alleviating the symptoms. By eliminating the cause of the problem reoccurrence is prevented

• Osteopathic treatment is extremely efficient, which helps to minimize the number of treatment visits needed.

• It provides an alternative to taking pain killers for muscle, joint or body pain that in many cases create other problems such as upset stomach and other side effects.

• Osteopathic manual treatment reduces pain and improves function of the body by decreasing tensions and restrictions in your muscles, joints and organs. Osteopathy is an holistic treatment where the patient is assessed and treated as a whole.

• The body has an ability to heal itself and auto regulate when faced with the process of illness. Osteopathy assists the body to activate this mechanism, when the body is not able to do it itself, due to the nature of the injury or other factors.


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